Senior Class Poet Position Open for Applicants Until Friday

Senior Class Poet Position Open for Applicants Until Friday

By Paulina Michael

Seniors may now apply for this year’s senior class poet position. The deadline to submit all necessary materials is Friday, Nov. 14.

“Langston Hughes was senior class poet of his high school, and look how well known he is now,” said English teacher Dana DesJardins.

Class poet is required to compose one original poem and read it aloud at at least one school assembly. Whoever is chosen will also be listed in Accolades as the senior class poet.

In order to apply, interested students must submit three original poems to either their English teacher, or English teacher Ms. DesJardins in the English office (room 1190).

Any and all seniors are encouraged to apply.

“I think seniors should definitely go for it, because it’s their last year. As senior class poet, there are a lot more perks than junior class poet, like being able to speak at graduation,” said former junior class poet, senior Stephanie Nahhas.

The decision will be made by a panel of English teachers, and the chosen student will be notified by late January 2015.