School Day Series Option 1: A/B Block Schedule


By Paulina Michael

Editor’s Note: This is the second story in a four-part series about the possible new school day schedules which the board will vote on at its meeting on Monday, March 16.

A possible school day schedule that the board is considering for the 2016-17 schedule is the A/B 90 minute block schedule.

The A/B schedule would entail a four 90-minute period day. Day “A” and day “B”, each consisting of different classes, would alternate, and this scheduling would allow students to take up to eight classes and have a lunch period. Passing periods would typically be longer than five minutes due to the extended amount of class time per period. Each student would have a lunch and be allotted resource time during their third block for access to the lit center, IRC, etc.

This possible schedule allows for flexibility in terms of scheduling lunch and resource time. There are various scheduling options for standard collaboration time as well as lunch periods.

Some pros of the possible schedule change include longer class periods for science labs.

“90 minutes is fabulous for science, but I’m worried about the consistency [issues] for kids,” science teacher Ruth Gleicher said. “I’m against it ultimately because we lose time in science instruction. Not having consistency will lead to difficulty getting through material.”