School Day Series Option 2: Eight 51 Minute Periods


By Paulina Michael

Editor’s Note: This is the third story in a four-part series about the possible new school day schedules which the board will vote on at its meeting on Monday, March 16.

Another possible school day schedule for the 2016-17 school year that the school board is considering is an eight 51 minute period day. This schedule would allot about ten additional minutes per day to all classes, but would take away from students’ electives and labs.

Along with the other possibilities, this schedule  causes difficulty in regards to science courses and the scheduled amount of time each will have. There is the option to have classes with labs meet for only a single, 51-minute period each day, or having a 51-minute period in addition to another half period as a lab. The remaining half of the period could be used for lunch, resource time, etc.

With any of the potential schedules, there will be changes to adjust to.

“There will be a decrease in time in most science courses. There’s probably going to be a period of adjustment,” social studies teacher and committee member, Joseph Edwards said.