GCSI School Supply Collection Underway


By Paulina Michael

All students will be able to donate gently used or new school supplies throughout the entire week in efforts to reduce waste from the school. Supplies collected will be used for next year, and students will be able to place their materials on black rolling containers that will be scattered throughout the hallways all week.

“The main goal of the project is to reduce waste from this school. There is so much waste sent to landfills everyday and reduction from our school can help benefit our local environment. This will benefit our community by helping students in need. The guidance department identify families in need. Normally, they buy school supplies and distribute them to the families, so, this will help save money for the school, ” senior Shayne Snyder explained.

All students are encouraged to donate what they can.

“It will be beneficial to our own community and it hopefully will make students lives easier by less to sort through right before finals and the end of the year,” she added.