NFL Draftee Shot, Teammate Killed


By Mike McKay, Sports Social Editor

The New York Giants’ sixth round draft pick, Corey Ballentine (23), was shot outside of a party in Topeka, Kansas  on Sun., April 29. His friend and fellow Washburn University football player, Dwane Simmons (23), was killed in the incident. Ballentine was rushed to a nearby hospital with a non-life threatening gunshot wound.

Ballentine, a cornerback, was selected in the sixth round, 180th overall in the NFL Draft; however, only hours after being selected, he was tragically shot. Coming from a low-profile Division II school like Washburn being selected in the draft is a huge accomplishment, and to have the celebration end in this manner is horrific.

The Giants administration is aware of the situation, and have said

“The tragic situation and continue to gather information,” the Giants administration said. “We have spoken to Corey, and he is recovering in the hospital. Our thoughts are with Dwane Simmons’ family, friends and teammates and the rest of the Washburn community.”

Students touch on the hate that is circulating, hoping it’ll stop.

“After you get picked in the draft, all you want to do is celebrate because that’s a huge moment in your life,” senior James Lorenzo said. “But to have something like that happen is heartbreaking. That’s just all hate, it was a senseless act.”

Senior Johnathon Khoshaba was saddened by the news and is wishing the best for Ballentine.

“It’s really sad that how a person can achieve their dream like that, but out of nowhere it almost gets taken away. I feel bad for the family, my prayers go out for everyone affected,” seniorKhoshaba said.

Ballentine will make a full recovery and will continue his football career. Funeral services for Simmons are still to be released.