What this Season Looks Like for the Boys Wrestling Team


Emily Mendieta

West student bests North by pinning his opponent for a short second.

By Marija Kraljevic, Arts and Entertainment and Photo Editor

Breaking into the last month of the second semester of the 2020-21 school year, the boys wrestling team finally begins their Covid-19 edition season. With restrictions playing a factor in how the athletes will practice and perform in matches, the team and coaches remain positive that the short season will be a success.

The team typically begins their season during the wintertime but since COVID-19 has changed much of the basis and outline from previous seasons in all sports at West, wrestlers have begun their season this spring. According to new regulations, wrestlers are required to wear masks during technique lessons and workouts. They aren’t required to wear masks during “live” parts of practice or competition.

“We are split in different rooms for practice, unlike the past where we would practice altogether. Families can attend matches but a limited amount. Though we are wrestling outside if possible when weather permits,” Varsity head coach Anothony Genovesi said.

With Covid-19 restrictions making it slightly more challenging for the members, the squad is also looking a lot more different this year compared to previous seasons.

“The main difference this season is that the numbers are drastically lowered by more than half. With only five seniors on the team compared to around more than 20 last year,” senior Daniel Arnautu said. “Our team this year is comprised of many sophomores so it’ll take some time for them to get used to the atmosphere.”

An insight into what the practices are like for the athletes are described by senior Zulfo Mehmedovic.

“With COVID regulations, we don’t get to be surrounded by our entire team, during practices. We are divided into small groups in different rooms when we are training, so this creates division amongst our friend groups and we’re stuck with wrestling the same few people during practices,” Mehmedovic said.

The coaches’ goals this season have also changed a little based on the circumstances they and their athletes are in for this year.

“This season is about giving student-athletes an opportunity to compete and strive to do the best they can. Most seasons, we want athletes to have high expectations and set high goals. Even though this is a different time of the year, with each wrestler we want them to push themselves to improve all season long,” Genovesi said.

The boys are set to play their next match at Evanston this Friday at 4:30 pm.