Assembly C.E.C. Basketball Game Rescheduled

By Milana Pehar

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The C.E.C. basketball game that was supposed to be played during the assembly has been rescheduled for Thursday,  May 9 at 3:45 p.m.  in the main gym.

Although the assembly was canceled due to the behavior of the upperclassmen,  the senior class decided to organize a new basketball game for the C.E.C. students.

“We think the seniors realized who it affected and it’s a good lesson,” C.E.C. teacher Shaun Kennedy said.

C.E.C. club sponsor and math teacher Kathleen Brandes said the kids are looking forward to this opportunity.

“I think our students relish any opportunity they have to play basketball, and I’m happy that they get to play again,’ Brandes said.

Not only will the C.E.C. students get to play basketball, but during halftime Orchesis and Break Beatz will preform. The athletic awards will also be given out.

The Niles West student are invited to attend the game as well as staff and parents.

“Everyone should come out and support our Pathways students as they play basketball,” C.E.C. sponsor Mary Jo Schnabel said. ” They are some of the most hard working, dedicated students in the building and they’ve been practicing hard all year.”