2017-2018 Staff

Vincent Bellissimo

Staff Writer

This is Vincent Bellissimo's first year on the Niles West News. He loves making hype videos for different sports teams around the school and taking pictures. In his free time you can find him listening to country music or riding...

Sophia George

Photo Editor

Sophia is the co-photo editor for Niles West News. She enjoys taking walks in the forest and likes to get fresh air. She is super excited to see what the new staff has to contribute to this years publication.

Sammy Butera

Editor in Chief

Sammy is a senior starting his third year on Niles West News, where he is the Media Editor in Chief. Outside of NWN, he can be found on the baseball field or listening to classical music to calm his nerves.  

Nicole Zelazko

Arts & Entertainment Editor

Nicole Zelazko is the Arts & Entertainment editor for the NWN. When not playing for the school varsity volleyball and basketball teams, Zelazko enjoys exploring downtown Chicago and volunteering around the U.S. Zelazko spends ...

Abigail Davis

Staff Writer

Besides being the features editor for the NWN, Abigail enjoys being involved in many other clubs at West, including High Fidelity, Dance Marathon, and Feminist Club.

Adisa Ozegovic

Staff Writer

As a self-proclaimed book fanatic, senior Adisa Ozegovic enjoys re-reading David Sedaris' short stories in the late evenings while savoring her favorite Godiva orange and ginger-flavored dark chocolate bars. This is her second...

Nirvana Meseljevic

Staff Writer

Nirvana Meseljevic is a junior who enjoys sleeping and watching Netflix in her free time. This year, she looks forward to participating in the photo section.

Diana Panoutsos

Sports Editor

Diana is the current sports editor of the NWN. When she isn't writing, she enjoys listening to country music with the windows down and playing soccer.

Michelle Carrillo

Video Editor

Michelle Carrillo is one of the video editors for Niles West News. During her free time, Michelle enjoys playing soccer and making sculptures for her AP ceramics class. 

Grace Geraghty

Editor in Chief

Grace is a senior in her third year on Niles West News, where she is the Editorial Editor in Chief. Outside of NWN, she can be found figure skating, at one of her many clubs, or sleeping to avoid her responsibilities.

Sonja Malek

Academics Editor

Sonja is a senior and the head of a brand new section, as well as the self-proclaimed 'voice of the nerds' on the NWN. She enjoys reading, spending time with her adorable boxer lab puppy, and messing around with Adobe Photoshop...

Wyatt Zwik

Staff Writer

This is Wyatt's second year on the NWN, he often enjoys writing about politics and music. When not running around the school filming some type of news package, he loves debating in Model United Nations, playing hockey, or collecting...

Teodora Simic

Staff Writer

Teodora Simic is a senior in her second year on NWN. She enjoys fashion, reading, and playing tennis. These past couple summers she’s spent traveling, going to concerts, and spending time with her friends. She’s excited to...

Sidney Hines

Features Editor

Sidney Hines is the sports social editor for the NWN. When she's not playing basketball or spending time with her friends, she's usually taking care of her dogs.

Divitya Vakil

News Editor

When she's not writing for the NWN, Divitya can probably be found on the nearest couch taking a nap or binge watching Netflix. She loves playing soccer, petting random dogs on the street, and brunching. 

Isabella Gil

Social Media Editor

Isabella Gil is a writer and the social media editor for the NWN. This will be her second year on NWN. Aside from writing and covering events on social media, she is the president of her class and enjoys going out and hanging...

Jena Lazar

Staff Writer

This is Jena Lazar's first year on the Niles West News. She loves making short films in her free time and has had a passion for it since she was younger. When she's not doing that, she usually enjoys hanging out with friends,...

Christina Lappas

Managing Editor

When she's not studying or doing homework, Christina loves to hang-out with friends and sleep. She is excited to be the managing editor as a junior and looks forward to a successful year. 

Michael McKay

Staff Writer

Mike is new to the NWN, and when he isn't writing sports stories, he is out playing football and baseball with his teammates. He is a huge Cubs fan, and loves being around his family and friends.

Aila Durakovic

Staff Writer

Aila Durakovic is a very nice and chill girl. She enjoys playing soccer, listening to music, and hanging out with friends. This is her first year on the Niles West News staff, and she hopes to be writing features and doing social...

Katerina Paulos

Photo Editor

Katerina Paulos is a very fun and energetic Junior. She enjoys fashion, makeup, and playing volleyball in her free time. This will be her second year on staff and looks forward to becoming a photo editor second semester. 

Samantha Galanopoulos

Staff Writer

Sam Galanopoulos is a very fun, athletic junior who enjoys being outside, spending time with her family, and playing basketball. This is her first year on staff, and she looks forward to writing sports, previews, and taking galleries. 

Ella Ilg

Staff Writer

Ella is a staff writer for NWN and is actively involved in honors classes during school and theatre daily after school. At home, she enjoys writing, eating sushi from Jewel-Osco, and falling asleep to podcasts.

Aleksandar Stosovic

Staff Writer

Aleksandar Stosovic is a senior in his first year as a staff writer for Niles West News. Other than writing, he enjoys watching Bob Ross painting videos and playing dominos.