Niles West News


Niles West News is the student-run news website at Niles West High School in Skokie, IL.



Editor in Chief: Alma Duskic; Managing Editor: Luca Hatzopoulos

Silver Crown, CSPA

Best of SNO

IJEA Best Overall Publication: 2nd Place

IJEA Individual Awards

NISPA Individual Awards


Editor in Chief: Mateo Acosta;  Managing Editor: Alma Duskic

Gold Medalist, CSPA

BEST IN SHOW (1st place), NSPA conference in Washington D.C., 2019

All-KEMPA rating, KEMPA

JEA National Media Contests: Sarah Waters (Exellent Rating, Commentary Writing); Ethan Carey (Honorable Mention, Sports Writing); Stefan Simic (Honorable Mention, Review Writing)

Illinois State Journalist of the Year: Sarah Waters, runner-up.

IJEA Special Contest for COVID-19 Coverage: Alli Lipsit (1st Place: Diary of a Quaranteen; Honorable Mention: D219’s COVID-19 Plan: Consult Health Organizations and Sanitize)

Golden Eagle, NISPA

Blue Ribbon NISPA: Editorial Writing (Editorial Board); Column Writing (Alli Lipsit); Feature Writing (Gloria Kosir); Photo (Aila Durakovic); Multimedia (Julie Ableson and Eiman Navaid); Team In Depth (Mateo Acosta, Gloria Kosir, and Sarah Waters)

Honorable Mention NISPA: News Writing (Sarah Waters); Review Writing (Stefan Simic); Breaking News (Mateo Acosta); Photo Gallery (Aila Durakovic)



Editors: Christina Lappas and Divitya Vakil

Gold Medalist, CSPA

Pacemaker Finalist, NSPA

All-KEMPA rating, KEMPA

Golden Eagle, NISPA

Individual winners (Wyatt Zwik, Lexi Lee, Isa Gil): IWPA



Editors: Grace Geraghty and Sammy Butera; Managing Editor: Christina Lappas 

Crown Finalist, CSPA

Pacemaker Finalist, NSPA

First Class rating, KEMPA

Golden Eagle, NISPA

1st place, Best Digital Publication, IJEA

Individual winner (Grace Geraghty): IWPA



Editor: George Panoutsos;  Managing Editor: Dua Israr

Silver Crown, CSPA

All-Columbia, Gold Medalist, CSPA



Editor: Emily Butera; Managing Editor: Katrina Nickell

Pacemaker finalist, NSPA

Silver Crown, CSPA

All-Columbia, Gold Medalist, CSPA

All-KEMPA rating, KEMPA

Golden Eagle, NISPA

1st place, Website, IJEA

2nd place, Digital-Only Publication, IJEA

Profile of the Year, Quill and Scroll, “Adventures of Banana Boy,” by Thea Gonzales

Best in Show (3rd place), NSPA conference in Los Angeles (April 2016)


Editor: Vinny Kabat

All-KEMPA rating, KEMPA

Golden Eagle, NISPA


Editors: Gabrielle Abesamis and Alyssa Guzman

Pacemaker finalist, NSPA

NSPA Story of the Year Honorable Mention (Diversity), “Ruhi Qurashi: The Passionate Muslim Gymnast,” by Ena Sarancic

All-KEMPA rating, KEMPA

IJEA All-State Team: Gabrielle Abesamis


Editor: Ivana Kosir

Pacemaker winner, NSPA

NSPA Story of the Year Winner (Diversity), “Bryan Taico: Not Just’ the Kid with the UGGs,” by Gabrielle Abesamis

KEMPA Gebhardt Award (Feature), “Students from Ohio Share Experiences,” by Gabrielle Abesamis

All-KEMPA rating, KEMPA

First-class rating, with three marks of distinction, NSPA

Gold medalist rating, CSPA


Editor: Colene Gibson

Pacemaker Finalist, NSPA

Silver Crown, CSPA


Best in Show (10th place), NSPA conference in Seattle, WA (April 2012)

All-State Team IJEA, Ivana Kosir

2010-2011 (debut year)

Editor: Rozy Kanjee

Pacemaker, NSPA

Best in Show (1st place), NSPA conference in Anaheim, CA (April 2011)

First-class rating, NSPA