Niles West News is the student-run news website at Niles West High School in Skokie, IL. The site debuted on Sept. 20, 2010. In its first year, the site garnered more than 225,000 pageviews, 800 comments, and views from all 50 states and more than 20 foreign countries. Currently, the site averages 50,000 page views per month.



Editors: Christina Lappas and Divitya Vakil




Editors: Grace Geraghty and Sammy Butera; Managing Editor: Christina Lappas 

Pacemaker Finalist, NSPA

Silver Crown, CSPA

All-Columbia, Gold Medalist, CSPA

First Class rating, KEMPA

Golden Eagle, NISPA

1st place, Best Digital Publication, IJEA



Editor: Emily Butera; Managing Editor: Katrina Nickell

Pacemaker finalist, NSPA

Silver Crown, CSPA

All-Columbia, Gold Medalist, CSPA

All-KEMPA rating, KEMPA

Golden Eagle, NISPA

1st place, Website, IJEA

2nd place, Digital-Only Publication, IJEA

Profile of the Year, Quill and Scroll, “Adventures of Banana Boy,” by Thea Gonzales

Best in Show (3rd place), NSPA conference in Los Angeles (April 2016)


Editor: Vinny Kabat

All-KEMPA rating, KEMPA

Golden Eagle, NISPA


Editors: Gabrielle Abesamis and Alyssa Guzman

Pacemaker finalist, NSPA

NSPA Story of the Year Honorable Mention (Diversity), “Ruhi Qurashi: The Passionate Muslim Gymnast,” by Ena Sarancic

All-KEMPA rating, KEMPA

IJEA All-State Team: Gabrielle Abesamis


Editor: Ivana Kosir

Pacemaker winner, NSPA

NSPA Story of the Year Winner (Diversity), “Bryan Taico: Not Just’ the Kid with the UGGs,” by Gabrielle Abesamis

KEMPA Gebhardt Award (Feature), “Students from Ohio Share Experiences,” by Gabrielle Abesamis

All-KEMPA rating, KEMPA

First-class rating, with three marks of distinction, NSPA

Gold medalist rating, CSPA


Editor: Colene Gibson

Pacemaker Finalist, NSPA

Silver Crown, CSPA


Best in Show (10th place), NSPA conference in Seattle, WA (April 2012)

All-State Team IJEA, Ivana Kosir

2010-2011 (debut year)

Editor: Rozy Kanjee

Pacemaker, NSPA

Best in Show (1st place), NSPA conference in Anaheim, CA (April 2011)

First-class rating, NSPA