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GeorgeEditor in Chief
George Panoutsos, senior                   George enjoys singing to country music with his best friend Sammy on his plaid couch and cellying hard after scoring filthy goals. George has intentions of studying engineering after high school, and playing collegiate hockey.
DuaaManaging Editor, Editorial
Duaa Israr, senior
This is Duaa’s third year on the NWN. When she isn’t reading or writing, she can be found doing marathons . . . on Netflix. After high school, Duaa plans on majoring in journalism and English.
sana-headshotManaging Editor, Digital

Sana Kadir, senior
This is Sana’s fourth year on the NWN. She spent the last two years being social media editor. Besides writing for the NWN, Sana also writes for the Chicago Tribune’s Mash.
IMG_0494News Editor
Grace Geraghty, junior
Grace plays tennis, soccer, and figure skates. At school, she is a member of the literary alliance and the feminism club. In her free time, she enjoys reading, shopping, watching Netflix and taking six-hour long naps. This is her second year with the NWN.
IMG_7729Features Editor
Jackie Bajric, senior
When Jackie is not on the hunt to find an interviewee, she enjoys working out, scrolling through Instagram, and spending all of her money on things she doesn’t need.
christinaSports Editor
Christina Lappas, sophomore
When she’s not talking or writing about fashion and makeup, Christina loves playing travel and school softball, and hanging out with friends. She is also excited to be the Sports Editor for the NWN as a sophomore.
SophiaPhoto Editor
Sophia George,
Besides working on her photography skills, Sophia spends time volunteering at her church, and she also plays basketball for her church basketball league. She is excited to become the photo editor for the NWN as a junior.
sammyPhoto Editor, NWSN editor
Sammy Butera, junior
Sammy enjoys singing country music with his best friend George. Sammy is also involved with the baseball team and the golf team here at Niles West.
InanaMultimedia Editor
Inana Zomaya,
This is Inana’s third year on the NWN staff. Inana likes to run track and field and loves the Green Bay Packers.
sarah-headshotWolves Den Editor

Sarah Yun, senior
Freshman year, broadcasting was a simple schedule mistake in Sarah’s day. It took only a day for her to realize how much broadcast journalism meant to her. This is Sarah’s fourth year on the NWN.

rachelArts & Entertainment Editor

Rachel Hernandez, senior                    Rachel  has been into art her whole life. You could find her at the Art Institute every Thursday this summer listening to music, sketching a sculpture or at the mall shopping for clothes she can’t afford.
KatherineSocial Media Director
Katherine Khoury, senior                             This is Katherine’s second year in the NWN, but other than taking part in it, Katherine likes to go shopping, nap, spend time with friends, and eat chocolate dipped in Oreo ice cream from Dairy Star.
JoeySports Media Producer
Joey DiFillippo, senior
Third-year advanced broadcasting student Joey DiFilippo loves making sports packages for the NWN, when he doesn’t have a camera in his hand, he’s out on the baseball field playing the game he loves alongside one of his best friends Sammy Butera.
ErinHead Script Writer
Erin Kaihara, senior                                        In her free time she enjoys swimming, watching Netflix, and coming up with a sarcastic or punny comment for every occasion. This is her second year on the NWN.
DarseaNews Package Producer
Darsea Hajdarevic, senior
Besides editing until late, and watching Netflix all day, Darsea enjoys reading, traveling, and spending quality shopping time with her friends.
KaylaNews Show Producer/Editor Kayla Brill, senior                                          This is Kayla’s third year in advanced broadcasting. Kayla spends her free time in the costume shop helping create costumes for Niles West Theater. When Kayla isn’t in the shop, you can catch her at a concert or re watching every season of “Sherlock.”
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