H2O: More Than Just a “Club”

H2O: More Than Just a

By Diana Panoutsos


The Christian club here at Niles West, better known as H2O club, is more than just a club to learn about God. It is a community that is formed between people with similar beliefs and customs here at West, but it is more than just club. It is a community for Christians to come together and learn from one another while praising God.

Senior Nick Ieremciuc, a leader of H20 club, says that the club has affected his life immensely, and described why he thinks people should join the club.

“H2O, to me, is a great community to be in. There are different perspectives from all different types of people with varying cultures, and although we all look through the same lens, it’s really helped me make friends in different parts of the school,” Ieremciuc said.

According to Ieremciuc, being a leader in the group not only means leading the meetings; there are many more responsibilities leaders take on because of the amount of organization and coordination that goes into meetings, mainly to make sure that they run without a hitch.

“Every week, all the leaders meet up to plan who will give the message, who will lead worship, who will bring snacks, who is going to send the emails,” Ieremciuc said. “There are a lot of different aspects to organizing an event so that every week runs smoothly. If not, things at meetings get slow and the members get confused. Lots of responsibility falls on having everything organized on time.”

H2O Club isn’t just about saying prayers. As Ieremciuc described, the club members enjoy snacks while listening to some of the members play music for the whole club to enjoy. It’s a way for the members to express themselves in a comfortable environment while also exploring and learning more about themselves and their own beliefs.

Senior Jamie Vinesar is another leader of H2O who believes that people should join H2O Club because of the environment it creates for its members.

“We have this club here because it creates a community and also because a lot of Christians feel left out because they don’t have other people to talk to. It was created to make a safe learning environment for all of its members,” Vinesar said.

Club sponsor and Niles West alumna Mrs. Wagner was thrilled when she was offered the position as a sponsor. Wagner gives a lot of credit to the leaders of the club who have successfully created an environment where students encourage and show kindness towards one another.

“I was asked to be the sponsor of the H2O club and accepted the invitation. All students are welcome to join H2O. Being that I am a Niles West alumna, I count it a privilege to have been able to come back to Niles West and serve as a math paraprofessional alongside some of my former teachers,” Wagner said. I truly care about the Niles West student body as a whole and am thankful for the opportunity to be a math tutor during the school day and a sponsor for an extracurricular club after school.”

H2O club regularly meets Mondays after school in room 1175. The club is composed of about 20 members, but they are always looking for more! Feel free to stop by on Mondays.