Adidas: A Trend Immune to Decades

By Aleksandar Stosovic, Staff Writer

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Trends come and go, but some clothing never goes out of style. 2017 has seen fashion resurrect windbreakers, short shorts for men, and fanny packs from the dead, but it seems like one particular brand has had a hard time staying out of everyone’s wardrobes.

“Die Marken mit drei Streifen,” or “the brand with three stripes,” was founded by Bavarian Adolf “Adi” Dassler. Named Gebrüder Dassler Schuhfabrik in 1924,  before the original company split, it earned its worldwide reputation in 1936 when American sprinter Jesse Owens wore a pair of Dassler’s shoes during his gold medal olympic performance. The sportswear industry has not been the same ever since.

The trend can be seen throughout the halls of Niles West, and the sight of superstar shoes, joggers, and track jackets has become increasingly familiar over the past few months. The three striped brand shows no sign of decline as long as athletes continue to be endorsed by it, and Kanye West maintains his position in making Yeezy’s.

Being a sportswear company, Adidas targets athletes as its main consumers. The endless list of athlete endorsements and team sponsorships influences both basketball and soccer player, with the latter being evident in our school.

“We’re not a gimmick team,” said Niles West varsity soccer coach Milutin Cejovic. Adidas cleats offer top of the line technology in terms of breathable material, power, touch, and precision. So many companies that are new to soccer are trying to appeal to the new generation with gimmicks. Big colors, tight shirts, tapered pants, and shoes with no laces. All of these things are simply gimmicks. Adidas has served my team with what it needs to be successful, and they know what helps a good soccer player.”

Adidas’s business partnerships expand far beyond sports- the German clothing brand has had a fruitful relationship with hip-hop culture since the 1980’s. In 1986, RUN D.M.C. released their hit single “My Adidas,” which sparked a shoe endorsement with the rap group, as well as a significant love affair between hip-hop heads and the brand.

Today’s Adidas pop culture poster boy is more than a rapper- his collaboration with the multinational corporation turned him into fashion icon.

Kanye signing with Adidas really distinguishes the brand. His intelligence and influence on today’s rap game puts him on another level and brings a ton of attention to their clothes,” said senior and avid Yeezy connoisseur Adam Patel.

Despite costing hundreds of dollars (up to $700 for resales), Kanye’s signature Adidas shoes typically sell out the same day they reach shelves. Owning an authentic pair of Yeezy’s is a symbol of prestige in 2017- much like owning a genuine three striped tracksuit was a symbol of prestige and authority in communist-era eastern Europe.

After the 1980 Moscow Olympics, the demand for Adidas products exploded throughout the Eastern Bloc. Many sought to own the same tracksuits provided for the Soviet teams, despite the limited access to the western world due to the Iron Curtain’s strict regulation of international trade. This meant that those who were able to get the real product had strong connections, money, and esteem.

Eastern Europeans dominate the Adidas demographic. What seems to be a running outfit to most represents much more to those who come from that part of the world- it is a reminder of “back home” and “the good old days.”

“Being from the Eastern Bloc and raised by a former communist party member, Adidas was simply one of the luxuries that developed into a symbol of freedom,” said senior Nikita Olegovych Chekhmaystrenko. “It reminds me that no matter how much you block a people with an iron fist, they’ll always find a way around it.”

Adidas means different things to many people, but those who follow the trend would agree that it is a versatile, classic look that will continue defining fashion for decades to come.


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