Clemson Wins College Football Championship


By Michael McKay, Sports Editor

In a completely unexpected manner, the #2 Clemson Tigers blew out the #1 Alabama Crimson Tide by a score of 44-16 in the College Football Championship. The Crimson Tide seemed to be on another hot win streak, especially in championship games; however, Bama suffered their biggest loss ever while under head coach Nick Saban, who took the position over a decade ago in 2007. The epic loss shocked fans around the country and here at West.

The game seemed to be set up to be a hard-fought and enticing match-up after the first quarter ended with the Tigers up on the Roll Tide just 14-13. That concept took a drastic turn after the Tigers went on a rally to score another 17 points just in the second quarter. Alabama was completely shut out in the second half as well, allowing Clemson to score another 13 unanswered points. Clemson’s win gave the team their second championship title, their first being just two years ago, also against the Crimson Tide.

Senior Khoi Huynh is one of the few that wanted the Tide to continue their dynasty.

“I was actually kind of mad that Alabama lost. They’ve been the best in the NCAA for years and for that to just abruptly end to a team they’ve beat before is disappointing. Plus Bama only put up 16 points which is so unlike them. I was just really disappointed,” said Huynh.

Clemson’s freshman quarterback Trevor Lawrence threw for an outstanding 347 yards, three touchdowns, and no interceptions: this was his second-best performance all year. Bama quarterback Tua Tagovailoa built up a name for himself in this last year, throwing a game-winning touchdown in last year’s championship and having an astonishing regular season for the Tide; however, Tagovailoa struggled to produce much in the game last Monday. He threw two interceptions and his only touchdown passes were in the first quarter. QB Jalen Hurts had to come in to replace Tagovailoa in the fourth quarter, but also failed.

West students were stunned by the Bama victory, but others couldn’t have been more excited. Junior Patrick Eslick was ecstatic over the championship win.

“I was so happy to see Bama lose, especially to a team of young players,” Eslick said. “I don’t think anybody expected that kind of score, as well. Clemson’s defense ultimately decided that game because everyone knows that Bama can put up points on any given day.”

Many other West students simply do not care about the championship game or football in general. Senior Ethan DaSilva is one of these few.

“I was not interested in the NCAA Championship game. I never have been,” DaSilva said. “I’ve never liked watching football, it just never really entertained me at all.”

With the championship game now in the books, the NCAA College Football season has officially ended and will return in late August.