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Bears Early Season Struggles


Going into the off-season the Chicago Bears had the number one pick, and yet they have looked worse than they did last year. Last year they were the worst team in the NFL and somehow they are looking worse, their offense has looked terrible, a defense that was supposed to be improved has looked even worse.

When asked what he expected from the Bears this year senior Noah Weinberg he expressed disappointment in the team. “My expectations were to at least make it to the playoffs or at least show some improvement from last year,” Weinberg said. The Bears had what looked like to be one of the most improved rosters in the NFL heading into the season. This so-called improved roster has not shown any sort of improvements in any sort of way.

Just watching the bears can cause fans to be frustrated.  “The coaching has frustrated me the most. I see 3 screens in a row. I see no special ways to create sacks. But I think seeing Justin have some success has made me happy. It shows that he’s not the problem,” senior Aidan Sebastian said.

Sebastian explains a key point in Tampa Bay on one of the most crucial drives of the game the offense called 3 straight screenplays in the exact same formation leading to a pick-six. As for creating sacks, the Bears have a total of two sacks in the whole season. The team combined has two sacks which are taking the QB behind the line of scrimmage, in the NFL if you as a team have two sacks through four games you are not set up to succeed in the NFL.

The coaching of the team has also been downgraded as seen by fans.

“Coaching has really frustrated me and how the coaches have not looked like they build a game plan around Justin Fields,” senior Vince Pappas said.

Pappas makes a great point that the Bear’s coaching is only designing about one QB run a game. Justin Fields is one of the most dynamic playmakers in the whole NFL with his legs but the Bears chose not to use his best weapon. Fields proved against the Denver Broncos that he is not the issue when a gameplan is built around his strengths he succeeds sounds crazy right?

All the Bear’s plays this season have been horrendous, and everyone can see it. The coaches have been so disappointing and the only sort of hope that Bears fans had going into the season the Bears have ruined Justin Fields. Hopefully, in the rest of the season, Fields can prove that he is what everyone believes he is the Bear’s franchise QB.

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