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A Round of Applause for Security Guard: Tony Bravo!

Bravo posing with students at a West football game.
Lejla Orman
Bravo posing with students at a West football game.

Niles West has had many security guards over the past couple of years, but one stands out. Tony Bravo is a fan favorite among students. Bravo does his best to keep students safe while at school, while also putting a smile on their faces. 

Bravo has been working at Niles West for only two years and he has already become a trusted figure at the school for many students. Bravo is more than just a security guard for many, he has the ability to connect with people and spread a positive vibe that lifts everyone’s spirits. Many students believe he makes the school a safer and happier place. 

“Tony’s job is to take care of us. He gets to know all of the students and makes sure we are okay. He is always in a good mood and his smile will make you smile. Tony is one of the people in the building that makes you feel safe. The school is lucky to have someone that takes care of the students the way he does,” senior Nancy Eseed said.

Bravo’s humor brings joy in the hallways here at West.

“Tony is my favorite security guard and he always makes me laugh,” junior Julian Sheeno said.

It is important to have someone to uplift the student body.

“He greets everyone in the halls and smiles all day. He can always make me and my friends laugh,” senior Maria Geroulis added.

Bravo said he faces challenges while working at the school, but he doesn’t let them bother him. In fact, the challenges are what motivate him to be better.

“Seeing different students and how they improve day-by-day is what keeps me motivated on this job. Knowing that I can contribute to their safety and help create a safe environment in which they can thrive is what makes this job so great,” says Bravo. 

Bravo not only helps keep students safe at school, but he also supports students during after-school activities. At football games, Bravo makes sure students are staying safe on the bleachers, while still having fun and enjoying the game. 

“Tony makes the games more fun. I always feel safe when he is watching us, but he is also so much fun to have at the games. He makes a lot of funny jokes and always puts a smile on my face,” senior Amara Rosario said.

Bravo’s dedication to making the school a safer place, and his infectious personality are why students consider him a great security guard.

“He is like our security dad, he truly cares about everyone and has a connection with all students,” senior Mia Niketic said.

Thank you for all of your hard work and dedication, Tony!

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