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How to Get a Homecoming Date at Niles West

Jackson Pelletier, freshman, asking Raia Dimaculangan, freshman, to Homecoming with a tennis themed proposal.

As Homecoming season quickly approaches, students are brewing up ideas on how to ask someone to be their date to the dance. From big signs with bold text to bringing in friends to help, the possibilities are endless. Not sure how to ask? Here’s an insight into what West students think about Homecoming proposals.

In a survey sent out to followers of the Niles West News Instagram, 79.3% of students are all for a homecoming date. With that, 65.5% of students said they would want a big and public proposal. When asked to describe one’s idea of a perfect homecoming proposal, most said the same thing; a sign. Following that, many said it would be cute to relate the sign to a sport they’re in, a favorite music artist or candy.

“I’m all for it, I think having a [homecoming] date is really exciting. It’s something that I think everyone looks forward to. I would love to be asked with flowers and a poster with meaning behind it. I think it’s super simple and cute,” junior Nataly Silva said.

Although getting asked or being the one to ask can be super exciting, it can also be super nerve-wracking. Others may follow a less traditional route of a homecoming proposal instead of a surprise to their date.

“At first, I’d ask [the person you want to ask] in private to get a confirmation, and then later you can figure out that stuff to do in public,” senior Luke Daly said.

Listed below are a few cheesy puns that can be used for an athlete.

  • I would be so XCited if you ran to Homecoming with me! (Cross Country)
  • Let’s set it up at Homecoming (Volleyball)
  • I’d be scoring an ace if you were my doubles partner at Homecoming (Tennis)
  • It would be my goal to kick it with you at Homecoming (Soccer)
  • You intercepted my heart, will you tackle Homecoming with me? (Football)

Next, here are a few ideas for their favorite music artist.

  • It would ruin my “Reputation” if you said no to Hoco (Taylor Swift)
  • How can I “Snooze” and miss this moment at Homecoming? (SZA)
  • I’m not Morgan Wallen, but can I “Spin You Around” at Homecoming? (Morgan Wallen)
  • Can we be ‘”the perfect pair” at Homecoming? (Beabadoobee)
  • We are “Bound 2” be together at Homecoming (Kanye West)

In case those above don’t work, here are a few ideas that relate to their favorite foods.

  • Homecoming would be ‘sour’ without you (Sour food or candy)
  • Can you be my ‘Chick’ at Homecoming? (Chick-fil-a)
  • Will you ‘roll’ with me to Homecoming? (Sushi)
  • I’d be ‘berry’ happy if you’d be my date to Homecoming (Any type of berries)
  • I ‘donut’ want to go to Homecoming with anyone else but you! (Donuts)

Now that we have a few ideas for a poster, it’s time to think of a perfect time to ask your date. According to West students, asking during the day is the time to ask. 35.6% of students said the perfect time to ask is after school, and the second best option fell shortly behind with 27.6% of students saying during school is the best time. After school doesn’t only mean as soon as the bell rings. This can also be at an after-school function, which is where 46% of respondents said is the best place to ask your date. After-school activities can be at sports events or fine arts productions. Personally, I’ve seen many homecoming proposals this year after Friday night football games. I’ve seen many done over the weekend as well, in the comfort of the person’s home.

Now that you have the sign, the time and the right people helping you out, you are sure to get a date to Homecoming. Hopefully, this has helped you think of any last-minute ideas. Get excited for Homecoming week, which starts this coming Monday!

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