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Opinion: Is This Year the Worst Homecoming Spirit Week?


Homecoming is a week most students have been waiting for. Whether it is about waiting for the perfect homecoming date or even the perfect outfit, it’s an event most of us have marked on our calendars. Aside from the social part of it, homecoming week also allows us to express ourselves; however, this homecoming spirit week doesn’t leave us with much room for creativity.

If you’re unfamiliar with what the Spirit Week themes are, they consist of Monochrome Monday, Battle Of The Junior Highs, Roll Out Of Bed Day, Jersey Jam Day and Class Colors Day. Right off the bat, these themes aren’t anything special and there really isn’t any way to go all out for it.

First up, we have Monochrome Monday. The description is to “wear all the same color.” Although this theme isn’t exciting, I’ll admit it can leave room for creativity. Instead of wearing a full black fit, students can choose any color they desire and stick with it. For example, if I decide to wear pink that day, then I have to make sure everything else I’m wearing is pink like my shoes, clothes and accessories. You can even get crazy with it and purchase a pink wig or pink face paint to really go all out.

Next up, we have Battle Of The Junior Highs. This sprit week day was inspired by the Battle of the Junior Highs basketball game going on after school on Tuesday. Although this is a huge event, I don’t think the theme is that exciting. Instead of dedicating a full day to your Junior High, it would’ve been nice to show that spirit at the actual game and wear something else during school, just like people do at football games. Instead, we should have done a White Lies Day, wear students wear a shirt with a white lie about themselves on it. It’s a simple yet enjoyable concept, and it allows students to express themselves in a humorous way.

Out of all of the Spirit Days, Roll Out Of Bed Day is the most promising. It’s a casual yet staple addition. It allows people to stay comfy, and you can even dress up like Adam Sandler if you choose to. Furthermore, it is another easy theme to follow. All you have to do is wear what you usually wear to sleep, but instead, you wear it to school.

Now we are back to the lame Spirit Day choices, Jersey Jam Day. This theme is pretty boring, and you don’t really get dressed up for it. Instead of this theme, we should’ve done Decades Day. It’s a cute theme, and it allows students to feel like they are walking the halls during the 2000s, 90s or any other time period.

Last but not least, we are ending off “strong” with class colors. Do I even have to say it? Again it’s an easy theme to follow, but it’s no fun at all. Instead of leaving the worst theme till the end, we should’ve ended on a stronger, more fun note like Country vs. Country Club. We’ve done this theme the previous years, and it’s always fun to see how students go all out dressing up as either theme.

Overall, I believe we should’ve chosen better themes. I think Niles North’s Homecoming themes were better than ours, as they had White Lies, The 90s/2000s, Country vs. Country [Club], Twin Day and Pink Out. Our school should have taken a look at Niles North’s spirit week to get ideas.

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