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Luke Daly Goes to State After a Successful Golfing Season

Joseph Chen
Daly makes a swing at the golf ball.

Senior Luke Daly recently achieved a very impressive feat, going to state for boys golf. For high school athletes, going to state is a big accomplishment that people aim towards. Despite this, it is very difficult to qualify for state. Athletes that compete at a state level are truly in a caliber of their own.

“It felt a little surreal to go to state. I have only been playing for a relatively short period of time. It was cool to know that all of the work I had put in paid off,” Daly said.

Most people who go to state for their respective sport have to work hard during the regular season and dedicate years of their time just to get to sectionals. It is only the cherry on top at the end of the season. For Luke to be able to golf at the state level after just a few years of practice is extremely impressive.

“The season was pretty normal. I had some good and bad rounds. I am very proud that I was able to succeed under pressure at conference, regionals and sectionals,” Daly said.

By the looks of it, the regular season wasn’t perfect for Daly, but when he needed to do well, he exceeded the expectations. One mistake athletes sometimes make is overlooking the regular season so by the time conference rolls around, they aren’t prepared. Although Daly didn’t have the ideal regular season, he certainly played exceptionally well when he needed to step up, and put in as much work as he could. 

Daly’s teammates have witnessed the hard work he has put into his sport.

“The difference between junior Luke and senior Luke is drastically different. Luke has matured a lot in the span of a year and watching him golf was very special. As an athlete, Luke grew physically and mentally. He quickly learned how to get better and stay in the right mindset,” senior Eisen Kim said.

For many student-athletes, senior year is the year taken the most seriously. Luke focused on developing his game and was able to find much success as a senior. 

“It’s great to see Luke make it to state. he worked the hardest out of anyone to get better. it’s really impressive to see him come so far,” senior Johan Lin said.

Being able to witness your teammate and friend achieve their goals is something very special for anyone. Luke’s hard work was clear among his teammates, and his determination to get to state had been there since the beginning of the season.

Every high school athlete needs to ask themselves if they want to continue their sport in college, and it can be a difficult decision for many. Collegiate-level golfing, like many college sports, can be extremely competitive. 

“I would love to golf in college, but I am not sure if it is a realistic option. There is a lot to consider. The highest level I would realistically be able to play at is D3, maybe D2, but it all depends on where I apply,” Daly said.

Daly’s love for the game undoubtedly drove him to improve. Even though Daly doubts he’ll be able to go D1, he was still able to place at the state level, which is incredibly difficult. Considering he did this with just a couple of years of experience, he has high potential. If he continues to play like he has this season, he’ll only develop, and get better as a player. With a successful performance at state, Daly still has a bright future ahead of him and is excited to see how his successful golfing career will grow. 

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