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The Best Super Bowl Snacks


With the biggest sporting event coming up in early February, the Super Bowl has many great things: commercials, a great game with the two best teams in the NFL and it also has great food and snacks. I’m writing this to say what my top five snacks are for the big game in order from five to one to eat during the big game.

5. Nachos

A good snack but something that is nothing great is nachos. I know that may be a low ranking for this because nachos are a favorite by many people in America but for me it’s just overrated. I think it is ok but I just think it doesn’t look that good in general when it’s on the plate or presented to you. I think a nice stack of chicken wings looks way nicer and more appetizing to your eye than a pile of nachos do, your eyes eat before your mouth does so if something to my eye doesn’t look appetizing I’m gonna be a little skeptical of it not only for how it looks but also just is boring. I can’t eat it over and over again and want more and more after about a plate I’m done with them, because it just becomes too much.

4. Chicken Wings

A snack that I can enjoy more than nachos is chicken wings. This is a snack that I think is way above nachoes by a mile. I enjoy garlic parmesan wings and BBQ. Those are my top two wing flavors that I really like, the wings though in order to be good have to be crispy but not too crispy but also the chicken inside needs to be juicy. It can’t be a good nice crispy crust and the chicken on the inside is all dry and not juicy at all it is just dry and bland.

3. Pigs in a Blanket

Pigs in a blanket are in my number three spot because I have these almost every Sunday in the football season when watching the Bears. I never get sick of them for some reason it is something so simple yet so good and enjoyable. I think the key to a good Super Bowl snack is something that is simple and something you don’t have to try too hard to make. That is what pigs and a blanket are. It’s something that is really easy to make you only need two things to make it and it is good too with ketchup. With pigs and a blanket, the sauce makes it ten times earlier.

2. Bacon-wrapped Tater Tots

Bacon-wrapped tater tots are my second favorite Super Bowl snack. Tater tots alone are just ok but if you put bacon and some brown sugar on the tater tots it makes it ten times better. I think this snack is good because how simple they are and easy they are to make, and they taste good. I mean they are better than pigs and a blanket but it also has more ingredients in it so you can make it more flavorful with sugar but you could do that for anything really. I just think bacon and brown sugar taste amazing.

1. Chili

My top super snack is Chili. That is a staple food for me when I’m watching the big game. It’s something I can eat until I’m so full I’m gonna throw up. I think there is just nothing really wrong with chili. I’ve never had a bad experience when eating chili I still don’t know if that just because I really enjoy chili and can never accept the fact that it will be bad.

I hope you use some of my suggestions this year when watching the game, great commercials and great players.

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