Upcoming Orchestra Winter Concert Encourages Charity Donations

By Gabrielle Abesamis

Orchestra practicing for the Orchestra Chamber Music Recital. Photo by Stephanie

According to Katz, there isn’t a set theme to music selection of the concert. Some of the songs that will be played will be a song from the movie “The Polar Express” and Bach’s “Concerto No. 3”. The audience should expect Katz dressed us Elvis when the Philharmonic Orchestra plays the song, “Blue Christmas.”

“[People] should come to see the orchestra because we are going to play a selection of great songs that we’ve worked very hard on and worked very hard to perfect. It’s guaranteed that people will have an enjoyable time,” says sophomore Nicole Christodoulou.

“People should go to the concert so we don’t feel like losers,” jokes sophomore Ruby Ladrido. “ But we really do work hard.  Back in middle school we only practiced three times a week and now it’s everyday and so much more.”

Usually donations to the Make a Wish Foundation are encouraged to be made at the orchestra winter concerts, but this year donations to the Bear Necessities Pediatric Cancer Foundation and collections for the Niles Food Pantry and will be accepted after the concert.

“It’s the season of giving, and when you give to charities it’s like saving a life,  and that is the best thing one could recieve,” says Ladrido.

“I hope the orchestra sponsors to help Bear Necesities for the rest of the upcoming winter concerts. The charity has a lot of meaning to me. We’re talking about saving the lives of children, everyone was a kid once in their lives,” says sophomore Alexandra Daskalopoulous.

Niles West Music apparel and accesories will be sold in tables outside the auditorium.

There will be a reception with treats in the cafeteria after the concert.