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Studio Sensation: Jayxo

Jayxo stands against a pillar while posing for a photo.
Jayxo stands against a pillar while posing for a photo.

In a world of music, each song has its own story, and each artist contributes their own chapter. Junior Jeremiah Kessler, also known as ‘Jayxo,’ is a rising rapper and producer making progress in the studio with his unique blends of beats, lyrics and vocals. With over 15 tracks in a diverse discography, Kessler stays focused on his journey as he shows devotion to his work.

A creative process is necessary for artists, and for Jayxo, that process is about identity. He describes his music as a combination of various styles and genres, mirroring his own taste and creative talent.

“As of recently, it’s been kind of a mix of emotion and the type of beats that resonate with me personally,” Kessler said.

Jayxo’s latest EP, ‘by4mm’, includes various sub-genres of underground trap. ‘by4mm’ highlights his ability to balance consistency and versatility in music.

“I’m always pushing boundaries, constantly just throwing in elements and sounds that stand out to me,” Kessler said.

While certain music artists often worry about listener preferences, Jayxo believes that authenticity is key.

“Sometimes I do think about what would keep people engaged, but I always end up going with my gut for what I think sounds good,” Kessler said.

Behind the scenes of Jayxo’s projects stand a team located at Fort Knox Studios. Kessler’s crew includes a producer, video manager and other important roles that assist him in his improvement as an artist.

Kessler’s recent photoshoot displays his laid back energy, each image capturing his professional energy on and off the mic. These collection of photos exhibit the calm yet collected aura of Kessler.

Big goals are set as Kessler chooses to surround himself only with people who support them. His childhood friend, junior Vincent Charles, has supported Kessler’s talent since middle school and reflects on Kessler’s growth throughout the years.

“In high school, he’s become a lot better. He started taking it really seriously this year and I can definitely see his improvement,” Charles said.

Kessler’s other close friend, sophomore Jalen Wong shares his acknowledgment of Kessler’s persistence.

“I respect his grind. He just stays locked in all the time even though he has other responsibilities like school and work. He’s a hard worker,” Wong said.

Jayxo continues to rise as he remains committed to his goals, aiming to leave a mark in the music industry. With the endless support from his peers and dedication from his team, Kessler’s passion drives him to defy expectations. Jayxo’s most recent track, ‘GeekTiming (Prod. KilledMikey)’, is out now on Soundcloud.

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