No Honors English Changes in the Near Future

By Ivana Kosir

For all of those who opposed the elimination of the Honors English course at the junior and senior levels, great tidings of news have arrived: at the board meeting on Monday Dec. 12, it was decided that Honors English would not be eliminated for the 2012-2013 school year.

The board has decided to hold off on the decision to terminate Honors English at the junior and senior levels for at least another year.

“The issue will be reviewed with the 2013-2014 Annual Review of Programs and Personnel. A proposal has been made by the English Department to eliminate these two courses in 2013-2014, but more time is needed to consider this issue. We will encourage more students to take the AP level,” states the D219 Annual Review of Programs for 2012-13.

According to a board member, the school board met a lot of resistance, and they will put some more thought into these changes before any measure is taken.

Teachers and students have said they approve of this decision.

“I think it’s wise to look into it, postpone it for another year, and keep the classes they way they are. It needs to be researched based on student needs,” said English teacher Courtney Hanson.

The Annual Review of Programs and Personnel did include significant alterations in the fine arts department, and there is a new graduation requirement of Public Speaking starting with the class of 2016.