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Zach Bryan’s Tour: Quittin’ Time

Zach Bryan performing on stage

The time has finally come for country fans. Artist Zach Bryan kicked off his tour on Tuesday, March 5, at the United Center in Chicago. Many know him for his popular songs like “Something in the Orange” and “Revival.” His lyrics range from family to intimate relationships filled with love and emotion, which many can relate to. 

Bryan recently became big, but before, he was a small musician trying to make a living. He became famous on social media, and when Bryan dropped his album name “DeAnn,” people started to recognize him. Songs like “God Speed” and “Condemned” are two of the most popular songs on the album, and luckily for his fans, he is playing them on tour.

To start the concert, there were two opening performers: a band and an artist. The first performer was a band called The Middle East, followed by artist Levi Turner. In total, both performances lasted two hours. Take into consideration that this does not include the change-overs, which were each 20 minutes long. The time in between dragged on. I feel like the time would have gone by faster if we knew the singers and if we could hear them. We were pretty high up, but when Bryan was performing, you could still hear him even when the crowd was screaming and singing along.

View from our seats

Right at 9:30, the lights went out, and Bryan walked out with his whole band. Once they hit the stage, the first song they performed was “Overtime.” This was an amazing song, as it has such an amazing rhythm and lyrics. Bryan played older and newer songs too, which we loved. We got to hear one of his unreleased songs, “American Bar Scene.” This song was softer and not so upbeat, but still amazing.

As the night went on, he began to play more popular songs like “I Remember Everything.” This is a fan favorite. His emotion in the song while he sang it live can’t be explained. Something special about this song is that it features Kacey Musgraves. No one knew if he would bring her on tour or not, but he did. Both of their voices intertwined so well and listeners could tell how much passion they had.

After playing almost all of his songs, we were still waiting for “Revival” to be played. Bryan left the stage, and everyone was confused that he wasn’t going to play it. People started to chant “One more song.” After about five minutes of waiting, he ran out, and everyone knew it was “Revival.” Towards the end of the song, he started introducing members of the band and gave them each a chance to play their instruments. It was amazing that everyone had a chance to play, the whole stadium was screaming the lyrics, which was cool to hear how excited everyone was. This was one of the best parts of the concert. The energy in the stadium made it so much more thrilling.

Bryan played for a total of two hours straight, which is impressive. Watching any artist in person is 10 times better than listening to them in the car or at home. Listening to his voice, you can hear the rawness and passion in it. After every song he sang, he would thank his fans and soak in the moment. Overall, this concert was an 8/10. Everyone who was at the concert bought tickets to see Bryan, so I think everyone was getting impatient with the fact that the two openers were taking too long. Besides that, Bryan’s performance alone was a 10/10.

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