School Board Changes Theatre Curriculum

By Mara Shapiro

Stagecraft is no longer available as electives for the upcoming  school year. Instead, elements from the course will be redistributed into Advanced Theatre Studio, as result of the Annual Review of Programs.

Theatre Director Andrew Sinclair says the school board made this change to help accommodate students’ schedules.

“The board is looking at restructuring our program so more students can take classes with less [scheduling conflicts],” Sinclair says.

Junior and theatre member Sarah Meehan feels that the department will eventually make a smooth transition.

“A big part of the early classes is team bonding and that’s how the theatre department becomes such a close family…it’s going to be an odd transition, but I think we can adjust…Mr. Sinclair will know how to make the classes as great as they always are,” Meehan says

Sinclair agrees that the changes will work out.

“We would’ve loved to have no changes to our award winning program, but the best option is to keep it intact [through redistribution],” Sinclair says.