Prom Moves to Rosemont, Downtown Tradition Broken

By Gabrielle Abesamis

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Photo from last year's prom located in downtown Chicago.

As a result of the G8 and NATO Summits on May 19-21, student activities director Jessica Ogulnik announced that this year’s prom will be hosted at the Hyatt Regency O’Hare in Rosemont instead of in downtown Chicago.

According to prom coordinator and Math teacher Peggy Glaubke, Ogulnik contacted the mayor’s office and was urged by Mayor Emanuel’s chief of staff to move West’s prom out of the city because of the fear of street closings due to protests.

“Imagine what happens when the President is in town.  All the streets and highways are completely shut down when he’s traveling on them.  Now multiply that by the two thousand leaders from all over the world who will be getting the same treatment, and you’ve got a city completely shut down,” Glaubke said.  “Additionally, there will be many protests occurring in the city which could potentially cause problems for Niles West students and staff.  The unknown of that weekend is so great, that we needed to take action.”

President of junior cabinet Justin Sia said prom goers should not get their hopes up about a downtown dance.

“I highly doubt that there is a chance that the venue will change back to downtown. The change was merely for the safety and convenience of the students,” he  said.

Students have mixed opinions about the change.

“I agree that prom should be in Rosemont this year. I know it’s been a tradition to have it downtown, and the seniors were looking forward to it but, the G8 and NATO summits means protestors in various locations, and highways and streets blocked for who knows how long. We want prom to be an enjoyable night for everyone. We will continue working towards making prom meet and even exceed the standards of what everyone is imagining. But to do so, a venue change is necessary,” said junior and Vice President of junior cabinet, Stephanie Williams.

“It was a real disappointment when I found out about the location change . When I saw the announcements I was unhappy that I had to change my plans in the city,” said senior Jonathan Parrenas.

“After going to prom for the last two years for student cabinet, I’m still excited even if the venue is changed. Now things will be really unexpected regarding it’s venue since I’ve never been there. People expected it to be in downtown and I think the idea of it being in downtown seems exciting but if our class knows how to have a good time then it’ll be good no matter where it’ll be,” said senior Janella Manalang.

The tickets will be cheaper and the school rented out Game Works in the streets of Woodfield for all of those who don’t have post-prom plans.