Niles West Cultural Clubs to Host International Week

By Gabrielle Abesamis

Photo by Jeremiah StymacksTwenty of Niles West’s cultural clubs are scheduled to host International Week, from Feb. 6 – 17 in an effort to demonstrate certain aspects of their cultures.

According to math teacher and sponsor of Bosnia and Montenegro Club, Jasminka Jukic, the clubs have been planning their activities and performances since the start of the school year. Club representatives had a series of three meetings with Jukic to finalize the events that will be happening during the course of the two weeks.

“Our school is very diverse; the two weeks lets us celebrate and lets us learn about other cultures. I think it’s one of the best events during the school year. It’s important that students learn about the other cultures,” says Jukic.

The first week will start with a Cultural Round Table discussion after school on Monday, Feb 6. in the Student Commons.  It will end with the International Feast. There will be food from all over the world for sale in the Student Commons during all lunch periods on Friday, Feb. 10. On Friday, Feb. 17, International Fest will be hosted after school at 7 p.m. During both weeks, music from different cultures will be playing in the hallways during passing periods. There will also be performances from the clubs in the cafeteria during all the lunch periods.

Students have positive feedback about the event that is to come.

“The Greek club has been practicing their dance for months now. Our practices last two hours during our meetings. People should really come to see us dance because it will expose them to the amazing Greek culture,” says sophomore  and Greek Club member Tina Conis.

“I’m doing a cultural dance for the show, and people should come to the festival because it gives them a great opportunity to learn about cultures. They can see the difference between their cultures and appreciate diversity and unity,” says sophomore and Indo-Pak member Anisha Mannancheril.
“I’m doing a dance for Chinese club and Filipino club, and people should really come see us dance. I’m sure that other clubs, along with the clubs that I am involved in, worked very hard to produce the dances and songs they plan on singing. People should see what students are passionate and proud about,” says sophomore Raphael Lagoc.

Tickets for the International Festival will be sold outside the auditorium for $3 for students and $6 for adults.