Student Registration for 2012-2013 Begins Today

By Gabrielle Abesamis

Planning for the future of about 280 students each, the counselors scheduled Student Registration for next year’s classes to begin today.

Students should receive scheduled appointments with their counselors in homeroom. The appointments are for planning the classes they are suppose to take for the next school year.

“It’s important that students go to their appointments because the classes in high school could essentially be the plan they use when they go into life. When you make a schedule, it’s almost like planning ideas for college. You want to have the best plans and GPA rigor of the classes you take,” says counselor Hope Kracht.

Students support the appointments.

“If you really care about school and your future, you want to make sure you’re taking the classes that are best for you.  Out of everyone, your counselor is a great person to talk and discuss to about classes and future goals that will help you graduate and take the next big step: college,” says sophomore Jayna Shah.

“If you don’t want to end up like a hobo in the streets, you need to take your classes seriously and meet with your counselor to plan a safe future,” says sophomore Miguel Mendoza.

A change has also been made about the classes students sign up for. Once they have signed up for certain classes, students have until March 1 to change their schedule. Students will not be allowed to change their schedule throughout the course of the year, according to the counselors.

Students have mixed opinions about the change.

“I don’t think students should not be able to change their classes after the final schedule is made. What if a student realizes that after taking the first level of autos, they don’t want to take a second level but they are scheduled to take it. There are just some things students cannot decide until they finish a semester of that year,” sophomore Alex Coba said .

“I think the change was neccesary because students need a final map of the directions they’re taking in high school. This type of decision making will help them plan more sufficiently when they are out of high school,” sayid junior Connor Lee.

According to Kracht, it is important to go through the course book. There are many new kinds of classes Niles West has to offer, such as  Geometry with Engineering, Consumer Education for Freshmen, International Cuisine, and Investing with Finance.

In order for students to take a class that is higher or lower than what their teacher has recommended, a form needs to be filled out with the approval of their counselor, parent, and director. The change might also involve a meeting between those people.

The district will come up with the master schedules, which will be available in August.