Q&A with Croatian Club

By Fatima Farha

To celebrate International Week, the NWN spoke with sophomore Martina Jambrusic about her Croatian Culture.

Martina Jambrusic
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NWN: What are you most proud about your religion?

NWN: What is your favorite part of your culture?
Jambrusic: How close of a community we are. Everyone is meshed together, and most of my closest friends are Croatian.

NWN: What is your least favorite part of your culture?
Jambrusic: How strict our parents are with us. They are very strict.

NWN: Which food best describes your culture?
Jambrusic: Palacinke. They are like crepes, and every mom makes them after every sleepover we have. We put nutella or fruits or sugar on them.

NWN: What is the most common stereotype about your culture?
Jambrusic: “They are all good at soccer.” We are alright, but not necessarily the best or that good. My sister can’t play for her life and I’m decent.

NWN: Are there any specific holidays important to your culture?
Jambrusic: Velika gospa. There is a huge celebration in Chicago that takes place in August, along with a mass and procession in honor of Mary.