Gummy Bears, Cookie Dough Stolen from DECAlicious

By Athena E. Hilentzaris

Decalicious has experienced multiple problems with students stealing their toppings for their ice-cream business this year, according to DECA sponsor Eric Lueder.

As a first, a student grabbed the container of gummy bears from the table while the Decalicious students were selling their product. The student did not get far, and security guards managed to bring it back without it being contaminated.

The second time around, the Decalicious staff discovered that the container of gummy bears was missing from the student commons, where they usually keep their non-refrigerated toppings.

“We had to replace all the gummy bears, and now we have to lock up everything. Fortunately, we caught the student responsible,” Lueder said.

During the most recent event, chief executive officers Shawn Cherian and Pravin Varughese were working during fourth period, when Varughese found students in the kitchen taking cookie dough out of the freezer during his shift.

“[Pravin and I] are the managers for fourth period, and he was staying for the first half while I was grabbing lunch, when he called me, telling me that there were several students taking cookie dough out,” said Cherian, a senior.

When Cherian arrived at the scene, there was spilled cookie dough everywhere.

“When I went to see what happened, I found stumped on cookie dough all over the floor,” he said.

“And there was cookie dough in the urinals,” said Varughese, a senior.

The freezer door had been left unlocked, which allowed students who had seen Varughese take out the cookie dough to steal the topping. The contaminated cookie dough had to be replaced and was not sold for the rest of the day.

“There was over 30 pounds of cookie dough, which cost about $90 for two cases,” said Cherian.

The students were caught and were held responsible for their actions by the deans.