Titanic Day in the IRC

By Paulina Michael

Mr. Serafini. Photo by Vicky Robles
Photo by Vicky Robles.

Niles West’s own Titanic expert, Anthony Serafini, will be leading Titanic Day in the IRC, which is scheduled to take place on Tuesday Mar. 13.

The day will be dedicated to trying to raise awareness, as well as celebrating the 100 year anniversary of the disaster.

“The purpose is to teach people of the disaster, as well as about the recovery of the artifacts,” said Serafini. 

This informational day will be available to all students. Teachers can sign up their classes to attend, or students with free periods can come down to ask questions and learn more information regarding the historical tragedy.

Serafini added, “The backdrop of the day will be of the documentary and interviews with survivors and historians.”

Titanic expert, Mr. Serafini, will be able to answer questions regarding the disaster. He has been an expert in the topic for years now, and was featured in the documentary that was released a few years back.

“It’s kind of a hobby, I just decided to jump in with both feet,” said Serafini.

The Titanic Day in the IRC will take place all day long on Tuesday.