2012 Boys’ Gymnastics Preview

By Nick Goldwyn

Boys Gymnastics Practice. Photo by Vicky Robles

After a relatively good year in 2011, in which a number of individual gymnasts made it to state, the Boys’ Gymnastics team is looking for an even better season this year. Then NWN caught up with head coach Adrian Batista to talk about the team, the season, and the building of a dynasty (as their shirts say).

NWN: First off, how well do you think the team will do this year?

Batista: The team will most likely be pretty successful this year, we hope to place in the top three in conference, and we think we can do that with the guys we have returning to varsity.

NWN: What are the teams goals for the season?

Batista: Ideally we would like to qualify the entire team for state, and we would like to place a handful of individuals in the state finals.

NWN: What are some of this seasons key matchups?

Batista: Our very first one against GBS is a big one, and another one is against GBN, a team that is always very competitive.

NWN: Who are the teams key members?

Batista: We have a lot of key team members but seniors Josh Nicolasin and Casey Mahoney-Muno are very good. Our captain senior Ari Lazar, and junior Brandon Naguita are also key to the team.

NWN: Finally, what are the strengths and weaknesses of the team?

Batista: Our strengths are that we have a very hard working team, and a team that has bonded well together, as well as a lot of returning starters. Our one main weakness is that we don’t have any club gymnasts, but our team is still pretty good without them.