Band Concert to be Held Tonight

By Danny Thompson

Niles West band director William Koch is scheduled to conduct the Spring band concert with his Concert band, Symphonic band, and Symphonic Wind Ensemble on Thursday, March 22  in the auditorium.

Koch’s bands have been preparing for what will be his last formal concert at Niles West since he will be retiring at the end of the year. According to Koch,  he wants his production to leave the audience with a performance that they will remember.

“To the audience, it’s entertainment,” Koch said. “One of my goals is to have them walking out going ‘I can’t believe what I just experienced’.  I want to surprise people.  Our concerts are like we either get it or we don’t.  We only have one audience.  I can’t look into a crystal ball and figure out what will give that audience that emotional rush.  It’s either right or wrong.  We get one shot.”

The music selection is based on his favorite pieces. Some of what will be featured includes Amazing Grace, Variations on a Korean Folk Song, and a medley of Looney Toons songs.

Solos will be performed by junior Allison Stangel, freshmen Yara Barbosa, Allison Salter, Gabby Guerra, and Jordan Kerr from the concert band, sophomores Tracy Zawrazky and Liam Waters from the SymphonicBband, and seniors Vikram Shah, Marcus Bujdei, Erin Hong, Alvin Lee, Seungyong Park, and juniors Melanie Berman, Charlie Jacobs, and Max Greene from the Symphonic Wind Ensemble.

Band students had positive feedback about their upcoming performance.

“It showcases the best musical talent from around the school,” Shah said.

“You can enjoy a great night of music,” Kerr said.

Desserts will be served in the cafeteria after the show.

Gabby Abesamis contributed to the story.