D219 Considers Scoreboard Advertisements

District 219 logo.

District 219 logo.

By Danny Thompson

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Corporate sponsorships and scoreboard advertisements are seen at all major professional and college sporting events, but until now they have rarely been considered for a high school setting.

According to West athletic director David Rosengard, district 219 is strongly considering adding corporate sponsorships to the football stadium scoreboards at Niles West and Niles North, along with sponsorships for the baseball and softball fields, and putting them in the basketball gym.

“Corporate advertising has been a large part of our culture for many years.  In difficult economic times it can help offset the expense of new equipment,” Rosengard said.

According to Rosengard, the scoreboards will cost the district “low six figures.”

The advertisements are going to be placed on new scoreboards both at West and North.

“We need a new scoreboard at North too, and one here in the contest gym as well.  [The scoreboards on the] softball and baseball fields will come through fundraising,” Rosengard said.

Rosengard said that the district has yet to make any commitments, but he’s hopeful that a few businesses will show significant interest.

“We’d like to secure sponsorships from local car dealerships and banks.  Also, we’d like to include both small and large businesses,” he said.

A high school having its scoreboards sponsored corporately is very unique, but recently the idea has been gaining popularity, according to Rosengard.

“A lot [of schools] are considering doing what we’re doing.  Glenbrook is going to corporate sponsors for their turfs.  Deerfield has been knocking on doors about doing this,” he said.

The district has not given its final okay on the project yet, and it still has to sell the sponsorships.  The time frame for the beginning of the agreement has not been set yet, but the district is looking for a commitment of five to six years.