Student Government to Host Dodgeball Tournament

By Mara Shapiro

Student Government will be hosting a dodgeball tournament in the field house Tuesday, May 1 to benefit Dance Marathon.

Applications for teams will be in the Student Commons. Teams must turn in their forms by Monday, April 30.  All proceeds will go to Dance Marathon.

Sponsor of both Dance Marathon and Student Government Jessica Ogulnik feels that students should participate because it’s for a good cause.

“[Students should attend because it’s a] fundraiser for Dance Marathon and it’s fun!” Ogulnik says.

Senior and School Board Representative Cody Lefkowitz  feels that students should attend because it allows for camaraderie.

“You get to see students from every grade playing against kids in other grades. Some people take it as a class war but some just want to come and watch their friends play. Emotions always run high, but you can really see how well our students get along by the degree of sportsmanship after the game is over,” Lefkowitz says.

The cost for a team of 10 is $50.

“It has become one of the most anticipated events of the whole school year,” Lefkowitz says.