Annual You Make A Difference Breakfast Honors Teachers

By Gabrielle Abesamis

Ms. LeFevre recieves an award from students Armeen Sayann and Lyba Zia.

In an effort to recognize Niles West educators for their hardwork, principal Kaine Osburn hosted the annual You Make A Difference Breakfast for staff members today in the student commons at 7:30 a.m.

According to  executive secretary Judy Wheatman, the breakfast was started by a Niles West alum that graduated two years ago. Apparently, she wanted to come up with a way for teachers to know that their students appreciated them.

“I encourage students to nominate their teachers, beacause it gives validation to the teachers for all the hard work that they’ve put in,”says Wheatman.

Science teacher Howard Swider, Master Jedi Sci-Fi Club sponsor John Hasemeyer, English teacher Sharon Swanson, guidance counselor Hope Kracht, newspaper adviser Evelyn Lauer, Biology teacher Jayson Foster, choir teacher Amy Branahl, English teacher Dan Quinlan, Social Studies teacher Daniel Kosiba, Spanish teacher Steven Lander, English teacher Michael Graham, Science teacher Ami LeFevre, Physical Wellfare instructor Anne Hesselton, English teacher Stacey Gibson, Science Teacher Jean Attig, Math teacher Ryan Geu, English teacher Paul Bellwoar, Science teacher Richard Kolze, English teacher Lisa Denapoli, Science teacher Ruth Gleicher, English teacher Dana DesJardins, Science teacher Louis Metallo, Foreign Language instructor Luisa Karimighovanloo, Math teacher Evie Raffanti, Band instructor William Koch,  Science teacher Michael Nocella, ELL tutor Dorthy Yalda, Literacy Center staff Kelly Adamovic and Andrew Jeter, Math teacher Dan Rusk, and Science teacher Andrew Klamm will be the staff members that will be honored.

Student nominators support the upcoming event.

“I’ve always done poorly in Science and my teacher this year has really helped me out compared to my past experiences. Now, I’m actually doing great! It’s important to recognize and appreciate teachers that have those qualities,” says sophomore Hameenah Williams.

“My counselor really helped me with my schedule, and she’s done so much for me, that’s why I nominated her. It’s great to have an event like the breakfast, because it really shows how one person can make a difference and help out a bigger group of people ,” says sophomore Payton Genis.

“I really encourage students to nominate their teachers. I think the teachers that students actually like and teach good should get the respect and attention that they deserve. It also has to feel good winning an award for making a difference,” says sophomore Esperanza Medina.

Teachers were happy to hear about their acknowledgement.

“I feel extremely honored and it’s really exciting. I’m very pleased,” says Swanson.

“It feels good to know that what I do is worthwhile. It’s my goal to make an impact on the lives of my students,”says Geu.

The breakfast is only open to the nominees and the nominators. Every staff nomination is picked to be a part of breakfast.