Final Yearbook Retakes Next Friday

By Colene Gibson

Next Friday, Oct. 29 will be the absolute last chance for students and faculty to take their yearbook photos.

The photographers will be set up above the auditorium from 7:30 a.m. until 4:00 p.m because despite the ads and posters, nearly 500-600 students have not taken their yearbook photos this year.

“More kids than ever have not taken their yearbook photos,” said yearbook sponsor, Sharon Swanson.  “We’ve had four days of retakes already, so this will be the fifth [retake].”

Students who do not take their pictures will not be in the yearbook, said Swanson.

“There are going to still be 30 or 40 students that will come up to me saying, ‘Well, I didn’t know,’  or ‘Can I still get my picture taken?’ so I’d like to encourage everyone to take their  picture,” Swanson said.

Although there are many students who haven’t taken their photos, yearbook sales are about the same as last year, said Swanson.  Yearbooks are still on sale from the bookkeeper for $55 and on-line (a new feature) for $57.  To order online, students must use the access code 8648.  Interested students can also call 1.866.287.3096 to place an order.

Yearbooks will be distributed at the end of the school year.