A.C.E. to Host Open Gym

By Mara Shapiro

Niles West A.C.E.(Athletes Comitted to Excellence) is scheduled to host an open gym Sunday, April 22 from 4 p.m. to 8 p.m. in the P.E. facilities.

The cost to participate is $5. Activities include access to the pool, watching a movie, basketball games, and frisbee. Pizza will be served. All students, not just athletes, are invited to attend.

Sponsor, P.E. teacher, and varsity softball coach Nicole Reynolds feels that the open gym has been a success in the past and wants to keep offering this opportunity to students.

“We had an open gym in February and we had a great turnout that so many other kids ask for it and wanted us to do it again, so that is why we choose to do another one.  We did a semi-lock-in a couple of years ago, and the biggest draw was the open gym and that was what all the kids really enjoyed so we wanted to try it and it was a success,” Reynolds said.

Sponsor Richard Costante agrees with Reynolds and also feels that an open gym is a unique environment.

“It’s a unique environment where students have access to the pool, the basketball courts, and can watch a movie. It’s a fun night in the school where students don’t have to worry about getting yell at by security,” Costante said.

Junior A.C.E. member Shana Nissan feels that students should attend in order to have access to the basketball courts and to have an overall good time.

“[Students should come] because the basketball courts are open and those are always a real hit. You have to pay an entrance fee but it’s a barrel of rootin’ tootin’ fun and everyone should come,” Nissan said.

Senior A.C.E. member Vicky Georgevich agrees with Nissan that students should attend in order to enjoy themselves.

“People can just come and hang out and play a bunch of different sports in a really relaxed environment,” she says. “Students should come because it’s only $5, which is a good deal for people who might just want to come to play pick up basketball or something.I’m sure it’s a lot cheaper than going to another public gym for only an hour. Also, a lot of people were at the last A.C.E. open gym and it was so fun! So everyone should come!”