Skokie Library Art Show to Open this Week

By Paulina Michael

img_9722Artwork from district 219’s students is scheduled to be on display in the Skokie Public Library starting Thursday, April 19 at 6:30 PM.

Artwork from selected students in every art class is chosen and will be presented and up for display for a two week period, starting Thursday. This art show is a collaboration of fifty select pieces from Niles North and fifty from Niles West students.

“This show is truly just a district 219 student show, it’s a nice collaboration with Niles North,” said fine arts teacher, Barbara Wismer.

This collaborating art show takes place every year, and consists of art work chosen by teachers, Barbara Wismer, John Zilewicz, and Deanna Sortino. The chosen pieces from Niles West students will include forty 2D pieces, and ten 3D pieces.

“The 3D pieces, so the different sculptures, will be put off into the East entrance separated from the 2D artworks,” said Wismer.

Students are encouraged to come see the art work in the Skokie Library.