Theatre to Present On the Spot: An Improv Experience

By Mara Shapiro

Niles West Theatre will be presenting their annual On the Spot improv show  Thursday, May 24 at 4 and 7:30 p.m. in the Black Box Theatre.

The improv show allows students to be presented with random topics and use their quick thinking to produce witty sketches, jokes, and gestures. Actors for the show are freshman Sharon Pasia, sophomores Lila Gilbert, Surdeep Chauhan, Daniel Bedoya, and Suzy Montoya-Quinchia, and seniors Michael Nissan, Sam Chao, Gabe Flippo, Steven Czajkowski, Rachel Prale, Lauren Langer, Julia Zasso, and Aaron Ruderman.

Theatre Director Andrew Sinclair says that the annual improv show is a Niles West tradition.

“The improv show has become an annual tradition at Niles West.  This is a student-run production rehearsed, managed and run by our Thespian Board.  This troupe of performers have been working hard to master a wide-variety of improvisation games and this show is a great way to let our student leaders control a Niles West Theatre production,” Sinclair says.

Senior Sam Chao feels that students should attend because lots of laughs will be had.

“People should go because they’re going to laugh their butts off! If anyone has seen “Whose Line is it Anyway”, they’re going to love the improv show. We play a lot of the same games, and it’s a lot of fun to see your friends on the spot. We have a lot of great actors in the show this year, too,” Chao says.

Sophomore Lila Gilbert agrees with Chao.

“Students should go to the improv show to have a good time and many laughs. Everything is made up on the spot, so there’s a guarantee that there will be something ridiculously hilarious!” Gilbert says

Sinclair thinks that students should attend to support the actors while having a great time.

“Students should attend because it is a great way to get a laugh or two before the end of the school year.  There is nothing more spontaneous and energetic than improvisation; audiences are a major component of the creation and success of this show and we want big audiences to help the troupe!” Sinclair says.

Tickets are $3.