Senior Survey Results Announced

By Colene Gibson

Senior Supplement Cover.

Seniors, you sent in your nominations and you casted your votes and the results are in!  The winners of the senior supplement are:

Best Personality: Bobby Yarmahmoudi and Janella Manalang

Best Sense of Humor: Alek Biser and Veronica Febus

Best Smile: Jake Uyeda and Janella Manalang

Best Dressed: Derek Fujii and Sam Chao

Most Intelligent: Michael Nissan and Sam Chao

Most Opinionated: Pawel Dabek and Julia Zasso

Most Athletic: Neal Omar and Jewell Loyd

Most School Spirit: Zac Flatley and Nashia Alam

Most Attractive: Neal Omar and Marina Sostaric

Biggest Flirt: Steven Czajkowski and Milena Zalloni

Most Likely to be Arrested for Gotcha: Jahangir Hussain and Nikki Roque

Most Likely to be Late to Graduation: Jimmy Toshkov and Agnes Balewska

Most Likely to Vote for Themself in Every Category: Milos Jovcic and Milena Zalloni

Most Likely to Like Their Own Posts on Facebook: Milos Jovcic and Milena Zalloni

Most Changed Since Freshman Year: Ben Bard and Despina Ades

Most Likely to Walk into a Glass Door: Jimmy Toshkov and Susan McNichols

Best Car: Demetrios Alevizos and Thi Le

Most Likely to Run Off and Join the Circus: Willy Nicholas and Deena Kahn

Tanorexic: Billy Giotakis and Despina Ades

Teacher’s Pet: Benny Truong and Despina Ades

Class Clown: Zac Flatley and Veronica Febus

Best Nickname: Milos “Mish” Jovcic and Elizabeth “EZB” Mangulabanan

Most Likely to Lose a Job or be Rejected from College because of Facebook or Twitter: Jahangir Hussain and Czarmaine Landicho

Most Likely to End Up on a Reality Show: Billy Giotakis and Agnes Balewska

Best Hair: Casey Mahoney-Muno and Sally Nahhas

Cutest Couple: Janella Manalang and Michal Wyczesany

Best Bromance: Daniel Liberman and Dylan Duong

Favorite Teachers: Mr. Weatherington and Mrs. Swanson