District Cracks Down on Final Exam Attendance

By Ivana Kosir

Has anyone noticed how many students get “sick”, have “family emergencies”, or go on vacation around the last three days of school? Well, the school administration has, and they are making efforts to prevent it.

In efforts to increase attendance at second semester final exams, the administration amended the current handbook to account for students who miss finals for reasons other than medical.

According to principal Kaine Osburn, if a student misses a final exam, it was up to the principal to assign an incomplete grade or give the student an F for the final. With the new change, students who miss finals will only have one option.

“In order to increase attendance at the end of the year, and reduce the assignment of early final exams to dozens of students, which is bad for test security and difficult for teachers, the board agreed to adopt this practice, which causes any student missing a final exam for an excused absence of any kind to automatically receive an INCOMPLETE grade,” said Osburn.

Instead of taking finals early, students will have to make up finals upon their return during the summer.

Students say they have mixed opinions about this change.

Junior Danielle Edelstein feels like it is unjust.

“[Students] should be able to make it up before they leave. Then they can just get it out of the way instead of when they get back and worry about it,” she said.

However, others disagree.

“You should take part of your summer to make it up,” said junior Christina Youkhanis.