2012 Girls Volleyball Preview


By Danny Thompson

Last season was an incredibly strong year on the court for the Lady Wolves, who made an appearance in the regional final.  To find out if they can repeat last year’s success, and even surpass it, the NWN sat down with varsity head coach Stacey Metoyer.

NWN: Last season ended with a loss in the regional final.  Can this year’s team surpass that?

Metoyer: I think we can.  We have a strong group of girls.  We have ten seniors with lots of experience and a junior who’s been with us since her freshman year.  The school record is 22 wins and I think we can beat that.

NWN: You said last year that you wanted more communication on the court.  Has that improved?

Metoyer: These girls have been together for awhile.  The communication is definitely there.  We’re gelling as a team.  We’re ahead of where we were last season at this point.

NWN: Is there any game that stands out to you from the others in difficulty or importance?

Metoyer: We pretty much play the same schedule as last year.  Every game is difficult.  We’ve gotten to the sectional a couple of times now, and it’s important to win that.

NWN: Which players do you have the highest expectations for?

Metoyer: I have the same expectations for all.  Whether you’re on the floor or on the bench, you have to give 100 percent.  We’re only as good as our weakest player.

NWN: What are your goals for this season?

Metoyer: We want to beat North, finish in the top 3 in conference, advance to sectionals, and obviously break the school record for wins, which is 22.

NWN: How will you achieve these?

Metoyer: By working together and working hard.  We have a talented group, but I told them that they have to work together.  There are both mental and physical components to this.  If we get lazy, we’ll be taken advantage of.