Want to Watch the North vs. West Football Game from Home? You Can.

By Danny Thompson

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If you’re not going to be able to make it to the annual Niles North-Niles West football game tomorrow, don’t worry. Thanks to High School Cube, this game, and thousands of others, are available to the public, for free, anywhere there is an internet connection.

High School Cube is an internet broadcasting tool exclusively for high school events and athletics.  It has already shown more than 5,000 events from all over the Chicagoland area.  Games are broadcasted live over the internet with commentary, and are then available for playback.  To watch, go to www.highschoolcube.com and search a school’s name.  The website includes live, upcoming, and prior events, as well as highlights and team rosters.

The actual broadcasting of the game is very simple.  As athletic director David Rosengard pointed out, “They bring a laptop and a camera and they connect through the internet.  It really doesn’t cost us any money.”

The cost to the website itself is covered through advertising.

High School Cube broadcasts of football games are scheduled to continue beyond this Saturday, and potentially expand into other sports.  Students at Niles West may soon be able to present the games themselves as well.

“Hopefully in the future our sports marketing students will do the broadcast,” Rosengard said.