Reading Hour is now Reader’s Spotlight

By Fatima Farha

Reading Hour has been changed to Reader’s Spotlight in order to make it easier for students to attend as well as to attract new students to come to the meetings.

Reading Hour used to be a reading session every other Thursday morning, where various teachers and students would read passages from a book, would recite poetry, or present their own work to students. During these sessions, students would also be able to enjoy some bagels and orange juice. According to English teacher Lia Sosa, however, many regulars wouldn’t be able to make it to the meetings due to the fact that the sessions took place in the mornings, which led to the creation of Reader’s Spotlight.

Sosa says that Reader’s Spotlight has pretty much the same idea as Reading Hour, but will not only be held on mornings, but also after school at 3:30, and now every other Wednesday, alternating between after school and before school.  The morning sessions will be just as before, serving bagels and orange juice, beginning at 7:30. Teachers will be the only ones reading during these sessions.

“As an extra bonus, I will be baking treats for these after school meetings.  I think the change will be positive. We’re hoping to see more new faces as the year continues,” said Sosa.

Here is the reading schedule for the rest of the year:

9/5 – AS Ness
9/19 – BS Dunham
10/3 – AS Shuster
10/17 – BS Hawker
11/7 – AS Osburn
12/5 – BS Swanson
12/19 – AS Gleicher
1/9 – BS Baehr
1/23 – AS Ogulnik
2/6 – BS Gross
2/20 – AS Stephenson
3/6 – BS Foley
3/20 – AS Nortillo
4/10 – BS M. Graham
5/1 – AS Song
5/15 – BS Wiemer