Dinner With The Principal to be Held Tonight

Dinner With The Principal to be Held Tonight

By Danny Thompson

In an effort to get parent feedback about school policies, Niles West principal Kaine Osburn is scheduled to host three more Dinners With The Principal at Niles West this year, starting Sept. 19.

The dinners, which began in the middle of last year, consist of discussing the school board’s annual review of policies and procedures as well as discussing items brought up by parents.  In the past, topics up for discussion have been scheduling changes, changes in the cafeteria, grading policies, and curriculum updates.  A complete list of topics can be found on the district website.

“The most important thing is to get feedback from parents about school board proposals and any concerns about operations and academics with the school that they have,” Osburn said.

Parents are encouraged to share their thoughts after the formal presentation is finished.

“Both speakers opened up the floor for questions.  Many parents had questions for Mr. Osburn about the various scheduling options under consideration,” said parent Ann Tennes.

Parents say they feel that discussion with the principal is important.

“We can have our questions answered by Mr. Osburn and other school administrators who attend.  It is also helpful to hear other parents’ questions and opinions.  These meetings with the principal are very valuable,” said parent Lisa Berman.

Osburn says that the coffees held in the morning were successful, but not enough parents could make it to them.

“A number of parents expressed that they could only make the evening time,” Osburn said.