Reason for Fire Alarm is Still Unknown

By Gabrielle Abesamis

Vice principal Kendall Griffin has confirmed via- email that the fire alarm that was set off at the end of eighth period was located in the weight room across the athletic training room.

“The fire department will be working with our director of buildings and grounds, Mr. Jerzy Siemienski to determine the cause,” he says.

The exact reason is still not confirmed.

“It might be a dust particle or chemical in the air duct of the room, we are still investigating the reason that set it off,” said director of buildings and grounds Jerzy Siemienski.

Students didn’t expect the fire alarm to be set off in that room.

“I thought maybe there was another mess up in the chem wing or that the lunch ladies burned something again,” said junior Jason Chavez.

“I’m actually surprised that it didn’t come from the  science wings this time,” said senior Raniza Famacion.