Congratulations to the Students Recognized for the Principal’s Award

By NWN Editors

Every semester, each department chooses one student who exemplifies leadership among their peers for the Principal’s Recognition Award. He or she shows great character, diligence, and doesn’t do the work to get recognized. This semester the following students were recognized on Wednesday, Dec. 1 at the Principal’s Recognition Breakfast:  Ken Banchoercharoen, Dabin Chen, Daniela Dadesho, Flatley, Morgan Gstalter, Daniel Heo, Rozy Kanjee, Hae Young Kim, Aleksandr Krapivkin, Agnes Krason, Jason Lupas, Haley Martin-Mau, Kara Mui, Jenna Poladian, Rossi Ruiz, and Vinny Varghese.

These students were honored by: Lou Metallo, Teri Langston, Gevik Anbarchian, Jessica Ogulnik, Josef Neumayer, Joyce Van Alstin, Evelyn Lauer, Ryan Geu, Colleen Gogerty, Bob Nortillo, Andrew Sinclair, Janet Kelsey, Matt Wiemer, John Zilewicz, Ben Brzezinski, Martha Lietz, Elizabeth Ramseyer, Sheree Freeman, Andrew Jeter, and Diane Latessa.

If you see any of these students in the hallway make sure to give them a Top Gun high five. Ask them what they were recognized for. What they say might surprise you. For a student being in a school of 2,000-plus classmates, it shows that there is more to school than just homework and books. If you are someone who works hard and has a need to help others, you too can be recognized by the principal. It’s an honor worth working for.