Election Day 2012: Legal Seniors Eager to Vote



(Zhang Jun/Xinhua/Zuma Press/MCT)

By Ivana Kosir

It’s finally here: Election day 2012. Although most of the Niles West student body can’t vote (but you can take the NWN poll), some seniors have already turned 18 and will legally voice their opinions through the ballot.

Legal seniors said that they are happy and eager to vote.

“It feels good to be heard. When we were younger, we weren’t able to do anything, and now our opinion counts. Now we can actually do something,” said senior Froilan Usman.

“I am mostly excited to be one of the ones in the grade to actually be 18 years old. It’s a really pivotal election, and we’re old enough to actually understand politics and form our opinions,” said senior Max Collins.

As expected in Niles West High School, many people said they are voting for Barack Obama.

“Romney favors the rich. Obama’s for the middle class. The promises he had before he was president, he kept during his presidency,” Usman said.

“I can’t say that my family didn’t influence me, because they are big Obama supporters,  but he offers what the country needs. Romney is wishy-washy. I can’t see myself voting for him,” Collins said.

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