West Reacts to Sandy Hook Elementary Shooting

West Reacts to Sandy Hook Elementary Shooting

By Jackie Povitsky

As we all know, on Friday, Dec. 14, 2012, a shooting rampage broke out at a small elementary school in Newtown, Connecticut.  28 people died in total: 20 students, six adults, the shooter, and his mother. This one event  left the world shattered, becoming the second deadliest school shooting in history. It impacted all of us; you couldn’t go into a class without talking about it, walk the halls without hearing about it, or go on Facebook without reading a status about it.

A Facebook status written by senior Robert Svaia read,”The right to bear arms is not more important than a child’s right to grow up.”

Others agree.

“What happened is completely disturbing and scary. It makes me feel like I’m not safe anywhere. But how people are reacting on Facebook is sad. They’re saying that the shooter was a sick, narcissistic man, which I partly agree with, but I feel so bad for him. I have so much concern for someone who is so mentally disturbed that he’d be able to kill innocent people like that…and then to kill himself,” senior Jeanne Marie Mandley said.

Senior Daniela Cicio wrote in a Facebook comment:

“I think what happened is outrageous and that this world is so messed up. This is not the first shooting that has happened this year, but I do believe this one has had a major impact on everyone. If children can’t go to school safely, then there is no hope of safety left.  Childrens’ lives have ended because people haven’t taken gun control seriously. They didn’t have a chance to grow up and it’s unfair that their families have to suffer.”

In memory of those who died in this tragedy and show support to the broken hearted families and friends they left behind, senior class president, Justin Sia, along with other class presidents, are asking that all grades and faculty wear green and white, the school colors of Sandy Hook Elementary, on Wednesday Dec. 19.