Final Exam Schedule Accidentally Released to Freshmen

By Ivana Kosir

Homeroom mentors released the new final exam schedule to freshmen on Tuesday, Dec. 11–upsetting other students and teachers who were not given the schedule.

According to assistant principal Kendall Griffin, nobody was supposed to receive the new schedule.

“That should not have happened,” Griffin said. “I take full responsibility.”

Griffin said freshmen were only supposed to receive the 2012-2013 information packet, which includes the bus schedule and IRC hours. The full schedule will be released after the teachers’ building meeting on Monday, Dec. 17. There will also be a video announcement, Griffin.

Senior and freshman mentor Merrill Miller said he was confused as to why freshmen were given the schedule before anyone else.

“I was confused by the new schedule,” he said. “How am I supposed to help freshmen, when I don’t even know the schedule?”

English teacher Sharon Swanson expressed her discontent.

“[Many] teachers are upset, and understandably so. When kids have questions, they don’t know what’s going on [to help them,]” Swanson said.

Students said they were frustrated not knowing the schedule.

“I would like to know about finals around the same time [as freshmen,]” Przewoznik said. “I don’t understand why’d they get it before us,” said sophomore Michelle Przewoznik.